The iRobotSurgeon Survey

Robots are revolutionising medicine. They can work in ways that humans cannot. In surgery, they can be more sensitive, more precise, can scan for problems a human may not see, and they can draw on data from procedures carried out by other robots. Robots do not get tired and their decision-making is consistent. But if they do make mistakes, who is responsible?

We want people’s views on who is liable if things go wrong during surgery which has involved a robot. Increasingly robots can carry out parts of surgery without being directly controlled by a person.

We have created five scenarios for you to make a judgement on who made the mistake which led to a robot harming a patient. It could be the surgeon, the robot’s manufacturer, the hospital, or another person or organisation. We are asking patients and the public to try to get a clear picture.

The survey takes no more than 10 minutes to complete, please click on the link below to take part:

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